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There is a quote saying “Water is the driving force of all nature”.

We aegis for your health by our well designed and well tested product. Our product incorporates the latest filtration technology and the Tripla triple-action tap all in one system.

Here, a quick peep of water filtration process by our company

Our major goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose which removes undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants. Our major concentration doesn’t include only the purification but out filtration process helps our customers for many purpose,

  1. Fulfilling the requirements of medical.
  2. Pharmacological.
  3. Chemical applications.
  4. Industrial applications.

The purification of water from the water filtration reduces the concentration of particulate matter including suspended particle, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi. It also reduces the range of dissolved and particulate matter.

The latest technology of our product removes impurities by lowering contamination of water by various techniques using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. Filters cleanse water to different extents for purposes such as providing agricultural irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquaria, and the safe use of ponds and swimming pools.

Water Filtration
kitchens Water Filtration

Our products and advantages

  1. Puretec QT12-T3 Quick-Twist System with T3 Mixer Tap

    The puretec Q12 reduces chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals, sediment and cysts, leaving all vital minerals. This Q12 filter installation is easier and fits either horizontally or vertically according to the customer plan of mounting.

  2. Puretec Q12 Quick-Twist Drinking water System

    This filtration process is designed to reduce harmful cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts, rust, algae and other chlorine chemicals.

  3. Puretec Q12-T1 Quick-Twist System with T1 Mixer Tap

    This system of our product reduces chlorine, bad taste, odour and dirt.

  4. Puretec Q12-T1 Quick-Twist System with T2 Mixer Tap

    Designed with an advantage of separate outlets for mains and filters. Mounted with the latest technology that holds the filter life called carbon briquette.

  5. Puretec X6 Replacement Cartridge

    Has a leading edge technology that helps the cartridge to last longer and whilst in removing maximum impurities present in the water.

  6. Puretec X7 Replacement Cartridge

    A faster flowing system designed with ionic silver-based antimicrobial carbon filtration media. It also reduces streaking on glassware.

Source of Product and advantages

Our filtration product provides a complete line of water filters, media and methods to remove a wide range of particulate matter. Water filters are designed in such a way which satisfies all the industry needs.

The product provides portable soft water tank exchange service and also designs, installs and services industrial and commercial water softeners. It has an advantage of reducing the high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium present in the water, which is known as hard water. This filtration process adds softener to the water through the design designed for the filtration.

This would be installed for main waters and for rain water since this is a large range of water filter.

Our product offers the filtration products and services,

  • Cartridge Filters & Filter Housings
  • Resin Trap Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Point of Use (POU) Filters
  • Tank Vent Filters
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Multi Media Filtration (MMF)
  • Degasifiers
  • Ultraviolet Irradiation (UV)
  • Micro Filtration
  • Water Reuse & Recycle

The unique advantage than other filters is that these filtration product are both compact and durable enough to use in many different situations such as home, work or in industrial processes. Clear bowl housing are ideal in monitoring filter condition but works with an exception that it should be protected from direct sunlight for preventing the bacterial growth.

Improves the drinking quality of tap water by eliminating chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, dirt & odour using water filtration units that fit neatly under a sink. 



  1. It is very easy to use and straightforward.
  2. Water filtration does not require a lot of money and maintenance since it is cost effective.
  3. Water filter gets rid of chlorine present in the water.
  4. The odour and the taste of water will improve.
  5. Water filtration ensures that harmful toxins are removed from the hard water and softens the water which is good for health.
  6. Drinking water that is filtered which keeps the water carbonated aids digestion which is an effective advantage for health.
  7. Drinking filtered water from puretec offers the same thirst-quenching benefits of plain water, and even more healthy advantages.
  8. Filtered water enhances the gastrointestinal functions by removing cryptosporidium and giardia.
  9. It gets rids of fluoride that causes cellular damage that increases aging and helps in reducing the rate of aging. It is also considered to be a kind of antioxidant.
  10. Retains the healthy mineral deposit in water.

Our Services for our patron

Our designers fathoms your snags and helps you to build up your health healthier,

  1. Rides the hardness of water, reduces the high iron content by deciding the product.
  2. Radon removal.
  3. Arsenic removal.
  4. We help you to remove the smells caused by gases building up in the water system.
  5. General servicing or installation of the filter with an effective service would be provided depending on the type of water flowing.
  6. Replacement of well pumps, tanks with the latest tools.
  7. Service of the equipment would be regularly maintained by expert filtration professionals who helped us in earning our crystal clear reputation.
  8. The right water equipment would help in treating water issues year round with fluctuations.
  9. Our professionals would disinfect the equipment which helps the filter running smooth in compliance with local health codes.
  10. Determining and also wagging flinty how best to treat the water through careful testing of the source.

Our devoted services also include testing, diagnosing the type of water and trying to fix or install the filter as per the PH level.

“Everyone has a purpose in life with a unique talent to relinquish others. And when we tutelage your health to help with our unique talent, we experience delirium of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals”.

Feel the experience with our spade work.

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